Variety Is My Business - DEBORAH TAVERES - Yuma, AZ
Variety Is My Business - "You Really Are Special"


I highly recommend you listen to all Deborah Taveres has to say if you love fresh water and want free farming...& Oh My God What Governer  Brown Has Done To All Of You.

America are you going to let the
corporations & our government kill United States Of America.
Help California Fight Back.

  We are at war in America now.  Every good American should have a good pitchfork and stand in Sacramento....& Washington.  Help California Fight Back.
Its time to clean out the lying bastards in our government.  Jail is too good for them.  Its time to start building small  family businesses & get rid of the corporations.  Build a Free America again. The Government doesn't follow the Constitution...they just change it to their advantage. America bring Freedom back again. We can change the Constitution For The GOOD OF AMERICAN'S.

If the corporations don't want  FREEDOM.....Send them to China and let them lie that there is not enough water in China and they can't grow their own food....maybe China will wake up too....etcetra.  etc.  etc.

It's time to build up our fire departments.

  Clean out the government radiation crap officials & cloud seeders trying to control and kill others.



Deborah Tavares and Al Whitney Propoganda & the Spin

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