Variety Is My Business - "You Really Are Special"
Show the Murderers Ilhan Omar & Ocasio Cortez The Murdered Bodies of The Dead raped Grand Parents, Baby's , and other family members trying to come over the borders with Druggies & Rapists...Thanks for leaving the borders open.  Your disgusting
PIGS Omar & Cortez. Did you receive your drugs yet.!!!
Governer Brown you are one of these pigs.
Your father must be turning in his grave.
You broke the state of California, allow murderers and drugs into the United States.  You must be so proud.  Thanks for all the homeless & drugs in your cities.  Am
sure you don't live by these areas.  Jail would be to good for you.  Did you get your drugs today.  America give them all a drug test.
May you enjoy hell.!!!!

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