Variety Is My Business - "You Really Are Special"

Anonymous -  Chasing Edward Snowden Full Documentary

Edward @Snowden: #BigData #PanamaPapers #Security #HumanRights #SFU #Snowden

United States Secrets | Award Winning Frontline Documentary | Snowden Leaks | The Program | 1 of 2

Do You Know Who The American Bastards Are Here??? 

To me Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald are American Hero's.

We need more men like them  in the American Government.  Give these men The Nobel Prize.

Richard Clarke - Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld Committed War Crimes 2014

Thank You Edward Snowden For Your Bravery

DOCUMENTARY: Edward Snowden - Terminal F (2015)

Glenn Greenwald "No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, The NSA, and The U.S. Surveillance State"

Glen Greenwald tears apart Dick Cheney!

Sean Penn Disembowels Dick Cheney
CJF J-Talk: Glenn Greenwald in conversation with David Walmsley

US State Dept spokesperson grilled over Snowden and nearly loses it

Banker left speechless by Irish journalist!

Edward Snowden talks about FBI's COINTELPRO, CIA's MK ULTRA and Black Lives Matters

Edward Snowden - The Spying Hardware used by the NSA - Interview 09/09/17

Edward Snowden on the Release of Files About Europe - August Interview

Edward Snowden and the Mark of the beast! 666

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